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International payments API for Africa

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About AZA Finance API

AZA Finance offers a comprehensive API for hybrid financial infrastructure across Africa and Europe, offering both foreign exchange and last mile distribution.

You can use our system to either send funds to customers across Africa and Europe, or to collect money from them.

We can also help safeguard transactions with features like validating the recipient to make sure the funds are only sent to the correct accounts.

Let's start...

Please start by reading the Get Started guide. You can also check our examples below for a quick idea on how our system works.

There is also a more complete reference of the available API calls found at our API reference documentation


Check out the payments example to quickly get an idea on how to send funds to your customers using our API.


Check out the collections example to quickly get an idea on how to collect funds from your customers using our API.

Other features

Looking for our advanced features? The additional features section shows some advanced funcionality like account validation and name enquiry.