Reports API

Note! Every API call needs to be authenticated. See the Authentication section for more details on the authentication process.
Note! This is not yet available through the SDK.

Available reports

To retrieve a list of available reports, make a GET request to, which takes the following optional querystring values. These parameters are used to filter the list of reports available. If they are not provided, you will simply receive a list of all reports for your API key.

  • type=transaction or account
  • environment=test or live
Note! The complete URL - including querystrings - is required when generating the Authorization-Signature.

You should then receive a response containing a list of reports available for download - example below:

    "available_reports": [

Downloading a report

Now make a POST request to, with the body as the file name of the report you want to access:


This will return a time-sensitive URL, valid for 10 minutes - see example:

    "authenticated_url": "..."

Either open this URL in a browser window or make a HTTP GET request to download, you should now be able to access the data in the report.

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